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I'm not sure if yall have tried this or already working on it. But like in the old form yall had a tab for chat where we could login with our form IDs and chat with other players. This would be very useful again so one we could all have friendly conversations with other players, but also allow us to share our game codes easier. Thanks for reading this to whom every this concerns. Have a great rest of the day.Smiley_Smile
We had the same chat room in BEO2. But no one went there and it got removed. I hope they ad another chat room where you can log in with your BEO2 forum IDs.
A new chatroom has never looked like it is coming sadly.
Well hopefully they consider it. I remember the old days on BEO1 chatting with Grim-Cat, Frodo, L93, and Tabby. Those were the good ole times.
I rarely entered the chatroom, but I do miss having one a lot and would love to have one make a return.
Maybe they make it to were you can make your own private rooms and only have the people you want instead of having it a world wide thing to were everyone can see what you say. But also at the same time having the world wide chat to join if you want to talk to a bunch of people.
So basically, a teamspeak for text only, for bad eggs only?
You could have your own chat rooms with your friends or there is the main chat room with everyone that's not in a private one.
So yes, a team speak client lol

I suppose we could ask the donkins to pay for our own teamspeak server?
I mean it don't have to have the team chat.. I just wish the old chat system would come back so then we can share game codes or just talk friendly to people because the only way to communicate really on here is through forum and private message.
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