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So in this game, you will have to post half an image, or at least a part of an image, and the user below has to guess what the image is. From then on, the user who has guessed the image will post another on their own.

So on and so on.

[Image: QPq2pYv.png]

Have fun and good luck! Smiley_BigGrin

Now my turn Smiley_BigGrin

[Image: dalopu668c0.jpeg]
a gt mustang now my turn!!! [Image: xq9se8.png]

this will be hrad because none of yall dont know about that basketball life
NBA....National Basketball Association

My turn!

[Image: 8IJP8j9.png]
(10-22-2015 01:55 PM)Ocerna Wrote: [ -> ]NBA....National Basketball Association...btw laser's pic was an Audi TT lol

My turn!

[Image: 8IJP8j9.png]

Bugatti Veyron been there done that. #Venom GT all the way btw.

[Image: uplaod668c6.jpeg]
Great Wall Of China

[Image: BwRDRKL.png]
(10-22-2015 06:07 AM)Vexis Wrote: [ -> ]Little public announcement here.

If you find yourself coming into our temporary EoD chatroom and do not change your name to something that I would be familiar with, (basically if i don't know who you are) i WILL kick you out of the chat. Okay? Okay. Glad we had this talk.

(10-22-2015 02:16 PM)Ocerna Wrote: [ -> ]Great Wall Of China

[Image: BwRDRKL.png]


[Image: aUYI4w1a]
Four legged sloth in a tea cup Smiley_XD

[Image: DKTxDTP.png]
Kirby's Adventure.

Taste this scrubs.
[Image: 1QMbYM6.png]
BADLAND the game..

[Image: vI1zlDU.png]
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