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Ok so I wanted to make this post to remember these 2 years of BadEggsOnline 2. I know the anniversary will be on 31st October but I'm afraid to forget it that day :C
I want to publish the OLDEST Leaderboard screen I have since it's a sort of big bang,everything started from there
[Image: enw4Q8V.jpg]
The screen was made on 30/12/2013. Many good players are not there anymore like Stan Truebecker!

Everyone is invited here below to post comments,pics and videos of their personal BEO journey! Seeee yaaaa
Wow, hard to believe it's been 2 years. I've been around since september of 2011? I can't remember. I just want to say that I love BEO and I will always continue to support Rob and John in their exploit of this series, and that I love all the connections and friends I've made on here.
Well it has indeed been a long journey in both BEO games for me, being nearly four years since I began playing the BEO series I have met tons of friends that I still keep in touch with today even now not being as active in the game anymore. I could make the "journey" story as said in the thread but I have no time at present, I might add it later because I know how much you love to read it Smiley_Wink

The screenshot you have there, I remember in that time so vibrantly, I just began to start playing after major bug fixes that prevented me from playing the game. By the way, you forgot to put on that I was rockin 2nd page, that's where the real placement fight happened.

I bet there are older screenshots than that leaderboard on the skype chat we used to be on, but I don't get the conversation history that is older than a year, sucks don't it?

The days in past were the best, you and I both know that. Though many of us gone, may the memories stay with the ones who remain.
Good old times ....
Most of those people on leaderboard have left or became less active :/
After being in this game for almost four years (the forums almost two), There is so much to give back to what most people have done for me not just in forums but in the game itself. Many moments have been bad, but somehow the good will always climb on top.

Bad eggs online (1+2) have helped through my darkest times, when I felt alone, angry even upset I would play a few games with my friends which would make me smile. Some people may not see it how I do, but we aren't just random people playing game with a bunch of strangers, we are a strong community. We all help each other in some way big or small Smiley_Smile

So I just want to give beo a early happy birthday Smiley_Smile
[Image: 3n80Xfo.png]

The best game forever ;D
laser: i think you were around in beo1 era too.
happy beo2 Smiley_BigGrin
To be clear i loved the old pro symbol but other updates are awsome Smiley_BigGrin
I was playing before but i didnt knew the forum lolol
(10-22-2015 04:02 AM)egg666 Wrote: [ -> ]laser: i think you were around in beo1 era too.

Yes, since sometime Sept 2011. I don't think I played it in beta, but right after it was released, it was an AD for a hot game on some website, and thus I played it and learned more about the Donkins and all.
Good times.
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