Full Version: How About Free Credits For 1 Achievement
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Im sugguesting for free credits for 1 achievements. Smiley_RockOn
NAME THIEF!!! Haha, what do you mean by achievement though?
(10-20-2015 06:47 PM)Reaper Pro Wrote: [ -> ]NAME THIEF!!! Haha, what do you mean by achievement though?

I think he means if you complet a task you will get free credits.
For example ,for killing 100 zombies you get 10 free creds.
The Donkins are giving away plenty of free credits on holidays. If they give a way too many free credits than a lot of people wont buy stuff with actual money.
This idea could of worked if we didn't give-aways, but If you want some free credits. Then in 11 days time, the donkins are giving 30 free credits to everyone with an account and only has to win 1 game to gain them.
(10-20-2015 06:47 PM)Reaper Pro Wrote: [ -> ]NAME THIEF!!! Haha, what do you mean by achievement though?

No, because he isn't pro. Smiley_Tongue

And I think he means our trials, like getting certain amount of kills with different weapons and things.
This has been suggested before (in various forms such as another wheel, for watching videos, for winning, etc.) and each time, everyone has said "no".

We already have free credit events and we don't need to add anything else (other than the odd contest such as for the Olympics). If you add free credits per in-game achievement, then you end up receiving over 2000 credits by the end of prestige 10 because we can't forget that they reset when you prestige.

As macab very correctly pointed out, this eliminates the need for people to purchase credits. With no source of income, game development stalls (meaning nobody will get the female shells that everyone's been asking about), and ultimately, the game will shut down because of no updates and players leaving.
what tenchi said, even w/o prestiging donkins would give each player over 200 creds and added with cred giveaways and agent shell its a quite a big pile of free creds.

with 2k credits players could basically buy everything in shop (at least all packs and pro and shells with weapons).
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