Full Version: Special Skill Mode
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Ok i am just taking nade only mode idea more further.
it will be called as Skill mode
1]we will have only selected weapons.
1]nade 2]Mortar 3]Whirlygig 4]sidewinder etc. in check box we just have to click one of those boxes & play.
limited weapons not all of them.
because guest,register user,pro have these weapons common.
& if you bought weapon pack than special weapon check-box will show up in your acc. otherwise not.
for ex. if you have 4th weapon pack then selected chicken check box will show up in your skill mode.

2]for pro users who bought more weapon packs
now weapon list will be huge so instead of check box
we will have random mode each new match new weapon will appear like chicken only match,then mortar only like that.
it will be developer's choice to decide which weapon to add in special skill mode.we will have lots of weapons because its Random.

3]we can have both options ,check box with limited 4 or 5 weapons & last check box for random.
[bought weapons will not show in check box only will show in Random option ,otherwise check box list will get huge with upcoming weapon packs ]

its pro mode so even guest is playing with you he will have access to chicken in pro room.
In Shop all weapon packs available for test to all register users so i think its possible.

pro room looks packed now but we will have scroll-bar so you just have to scroll down to see more modes Smiley_BigGrin
Always the most innovative ideas!
I like it, keep it up! INDIA FTW!
Yeah very innovating ideas, and I like it a lot Smiley_BigGrin
Great ideas SenSei; I think Skill mode would work well in the game
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