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Hello everyone! I've got a suggestion (Lobby Chat)

1) Lobby Chat: This is a chat in BEO2 without being in a game. I mean you can talk into the game with every people online through public chat and clan members, friends and not friends through private chat.

There in the Public chat you can find 1v1s, 2v2s, Clan wars, etc...

Here are some examples taken from a game named ''Uberstrike'':

''Public chat'' (talk publicly to all people online):

[Image: Uber_Strike_2015_10_04_02_45_46_635.jpg]

''Private chat'' (talk with your friends through a private message):

[Image: Uber_Strike_2015_10_04_02_45_48_445.jpg]

Clan chat (talk with your clanmates):
[Image: Uber_Strike_2015_10_04_02_45_52_164.jpg]

As you can see the letter BLUE's me, my friends are GREEN, and GRAY are other people online.

well here's my idea, comment what you think of my idea.

-Cheers Smiley_Smile
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been suggested many times.
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