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Well...I know that everybody has left a game by the low chance of hitting a shot with the sniper,you have it centered directly to your opponent and you don't kill him!So,here's my suggestion.

When you put your sniper up you can press 'S' in your keyboard and this will happen;
[Image: 29x91g3.jpg]
You will still be able to move it around with your mouse/trackpad and you can get it off by hitting 'S' again.

Hope you like it,perspectives to a world with less rage,
Droidegg! =)
your making things easier,but nice idea though Smiley_XD
in some games sniper scope dosent stay still,it moves around the target,if your idea implemented this should be add as extra feature you have to make center shot or in between the eyes to get perfect hit.
Uhm 1 question, what's the use of that if there is a big wall in front of you and the other egg?
Well...You don't use a sniper if there is a wall between the player that you are about shoot!
Well... I don't BUT Rayvel does Smiley_Wink
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