Full Version: making a clan but not sure how to do something
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ok guys I need help I got lightshot and everthing I got this pic I want for my clan but im really sure on how to upload it onto my clan thread im making it would be very helpful if u guys could help or even tell me how to do it
If the file is saved to your computer, then go to

Upload the image, then copy the tag on the right side of the page for forum and message boards

try It's super easy to upload a picture from your computer to the internet there. You just look for it in your computer and click on it, and then after it's done uploading their will be multiple links. Click on the one that says it's for forums. And then you can just copy and paste it (or if it doesn't have the [img] [/img] you just put the first one infront, then the one with the / behind the link with no space in between.
ok I uploaded my image now how do I get it to the clan thread im making?

is this a link I should use or no?
(09-07-2015 07:01 AM)NinjaMonkey23 Wrote: [ -> ]ok I uploaded my image now how do I get it to the clan thread im making?


But for real, after upload, right side, image codes. Copy that, then paste it. Don't make me shoot a video please.
so your telling me to copy all image codes?

so this is the link I use right [Imgur](
Or you can use But the choice is yours if you want this site or not.
[Image: 1IIPxR5.png)]


You put an [img] infront and an [/img] behind the link with no spaces.
ok I just figured it out
[Image: HCUtNr1.jpg]
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