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I think when you aim like in 1v1v1 you have a different color I think it would be cool to have your own color you see it as what ever color you want other people see it as blue or something and you have it as red or orange or green etc etc. And change the color of the letters in your name
I understand what you're saying (although it's half gibberish) and I think it is a pretty great idea...
Maybe it could be a modifier option (see GrimCats modifier thingy topic) but let me suggest something. At the start of the game, BEFORE opening it up to everyone, there should be some boxes to check off, like there are six colours, (red blue green yellow orange and purple for example) and you can tick off any two. Then, once you open the game to everyone, and they scramble to make a team, and once he game starts you can see the colored aiming thing. Personally, I LOVE the green coloured aim...
I know Smiley_XD, sorry I was in middle of a intense 1v1v1 I had to go back and fourth. Smiley_Tongue.. And YES! I had the green color aim and I was like I half to get this every match!!! Like 1v1's.
i think its too much customization,you will play less.
what if everyone choose the same color? it would be confusing
instead of choosing ,all color scheme should be random.
That's why I said other people see it as blue or it could be when match is full it counts down 3-2-1 and u choose your color only 1 can be chosen colors Blue,Green,Orange,purple,Black,Clear, and many more.
@Sensei that was what I was trying to say in my first post, YOU CAN CHECK OFF ANY TWO(colours). The others will have to choose between one of the two, they don't get a choice, unfortunately Smiley_Tongue
ok i get it now Smiley_XD bad for other team
so every new game you have to select color or chosen color stays with you forever?
Every game you get to choose another two colours, I hope. (If this ever gets implemented, which I slightly doubt. Slightly.)
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