Full Version: Next forum update?
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I just have 5 options for you to choose from for the next forum update. Hopefully in 1-2 months.

option 1- New banners- Have new banners once in a while, make a banner thread in fan art.

option 2- New backrounds- the blue backround is getting a little boring. Get new colors, like red.

option 3- Competitions- Please make more competition, that is why more people joined this Summer.

option 4- Shop- You can buy stuff in this section, with Credits, like in the game, I will explain more about credits in the last option.

option 5- Credits- You can get these by a number of useful post. Like 20 useful posts. You get 50 credits added on to your forum account per 20 useful posts.

Hopefully, this will go well and get plenty of votes, so I can see. I would like people vote on 2-3 options.

Regards, Goonday
I like the option 3 , its a good idea...nice optionsSmiley_BigGrin
[email protected]

I would like a competition every 6 months. Sadly, they do only one every year. Please do more competitions in the next few months.
Modes for tournaments...i like this too
Sadly, I need some votes, This should be a easy, simple ting to do. I don't know why though. I would love it if some people voted in the next few hours.
what is determined as useful post?
Noting from your list.

New rules and being more restricted so peopel can't acting chilish and keep making retarded thread everyday!!! It's so annoying keep reading this useless threads that people making. We need to stop this!
Like giving a nice feedback to a suggestion, no spam, etc
I fully agree with matthew0000.
I agree with number 3.

Also, about number 4. What can you get with the credits you earn in the shop?
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