Full Version: bategg superegg and wonderegg
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i thought maybe batman superman and wonderwoman would be cool as eggs. maybe wonderegg would be 50 credits, superegg would be 75 credits, and bategg would be 300 credits, and comes with gotham city map, and batarang weapon that throws straight without being affected by wind [doesnt shoot through terrain] goes through eggs dealing 20 damage.

This wont work because of copyrights.
Someone suggested Iron Egg, but same problem... Smiley_Sad I would like it.
Not Bad I like it
(08-13-2015 01:16 AM)[FTF] Gen. Goonday Wrote: [ -> ]This wont work because of copyrights.

Exactly right. In the past, people have suggested both Marvel and DC heroes, video game characters, pokemon and more, but they've all been protected. For any of these ideas to become shells in the game, Rob and John would have to talk to the rights holders (using Star Wars as my example here, they'd need to talk to Disney) to obtain permission. Those people/companies would then want to be compensated, and that would require a LOT of money. That money that would have otherwise been spent on improving the game, maintaining the servers and game and developing future BadViking games.
Thanks for the feed back I did have that in mind
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