Full Version: add to the game modes
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when creating a game, there could be more modes to choose from. It would be cool if we had the opposites of what there are now, and if we could make wind strength adjustable. instead of a checklist there could be drop-down boxes.

wind - fast slow off
gravity - high low normal
movement - fast slow normal
explosions - double half normal

I'm guessing half explosions would just do half the damage to the terrain and not change the effect on eggs.
i have doubt on wind & gravity if gravity is 2 high you might never make shot same with wind small game will take too long to finish,that mode will only be played by pro who can make shot.
in 10sec mode slow movement is not feasible, you will be sitting duck.
about explosion big & normal all ready good enough,half will not make much difference,because each weapon has its own damage its same as half.
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