Full Version: Bandit sculpt
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Wow, very nice. You put great work into everything you do, it is all amazing.
Wow very nice i dont have words to say...Just wow!
Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed making it, think I'll probably make another soon(ish) but it did take a long time. Which egg should I make next?

Another pic:

[Image: Screenshot_4.png]
You should make the Grim Reaper egg *_* it would take a very long time with the details though.
Do Nick! The devils will be very good artwork.
I think that Marv would be nice made of sculpting clay.
Make the Bob Marley egg Smiley_XD
No No make mummy egg i vote mummy u should make a thread where u can vote all the eggs rob
Hmm seems that John isnt the only talanted guy in Donkin family.
Great job Rob.. Smiley_ThumbsUp

You should make Allien egg Smiley_Tongue (if you can)
All 3 Dragons!
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