Full Version: Level 1 with level 99 shell
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So interestingly enough, when I joined some ones match today found this guy with the level 99 shell.

Spoiler :
[Image: p88xl.jpg]

Edit: Turns out it is just a level glitch, still worth a report.
Smashed the Image not working..

Edit it for know what is this.
Could you see how much exp he had?

Should be working for you now, used tinypic.

(08-05-2015 07:46 AM)Alejandrez Wrote: [ -> ]Could you see how much exp he had?

No I couldn't, he joined and the match started right away. And as I stated he also left really quickly.
Smashed its probably a glitch lol everyone thought i was hacking before because i was level 1 0 xp and had the level 99 shell haha yeah just a glitch bro ask bryas and limit
Okay I figured that's what it was, worth reporting though so it doesn't fool a poor sap like me Smiley_Tongue
lmao Smiley_XD yeah i thought some dude was hacking before because he was level 1 with prestige badge and i was like how did u get that Smiley_XD
umm , it's bug Smashed , it happened to me sometimes , as well happened in my account also.
This is bug it happened to me too..Nothing much
he might have glitched prestege
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