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So, how many times you was playing and suddenly you closed the tab by accident. It is annoying, right?

I am suggesting a system asks you before closing the tab " Are you sure you want to leave this page. Stay on this page. Leave this page. "

That system works on Pool Live Tour and some other games, so it is possible.

It is Sidd's idea and I.
Heh! Noah continue with this thread, add me to the top of the page not the last. jk jk... I agree with this. I will even provide a SS soon... Although this is my idea, I support it like hell!
I would really like this. That happens to me a lot.
Something like this -
[Image: 9ngpIkh.png]
The question is only asked when you have more than 1 tab open on Mozilla.
(08-03-2015 10:53 PM)[FTF] Gen. Goonday Wrote: [ -> ]The question is only asked when you have more than 1 tab open on Mozilla.

Wrong. There are some websites/games that ask you to confirm your actions (either refreshing or closing the tab).
I like this idea,supported.Smiley_XD
Ok, did my research.

After hours of searching, I found two things.

First for the Donkins. Follow the instructions listed on this site.

Secondly, for anyone who uses chrome and would like an extension, I found after a long time of searching, this extension works,

(it asks it everywhere, so far I can't find a way to only do certain sites, it works though!)

...(maybe you check it on and off per visit, idk.)

***extension demo***

[Image: LckiKpjl.png]
I love this idea.That is something beo sites really need!
Yes this totally should be in the game. Have you ever been in a game with noobs or guests and some high level jerk (not callin' u guys jerks) comes into the game and says "press Ctrl+w"? I absolutely HATE that. If you didn't know it closes all tabs in the browser you are using.So you may loose teammates. But in my opinion, people who do this are scared to fight.It is such a scaredy cat move. And I'm SURE that I'm not the only one who doesn't like controlling Chickens.Smiley_Censored Smiley_Shake Smiley_Angry
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