Full Version: Mistery gift
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You can daily send one mistery gift to your friend..and inside will be some random weapon which you can use only once (like daily spin)..and you have a choice to accept or decline gift.. Smiley_Smile
what to you say about that idea?
Well, there's a big problem with this. Some people would make a lot of alternate accounts and they could send a gift with each of them to the main account, so this would be an easy way how to boost your stash arsenal. But if this problem wasn't here, it would be a great idea Smiley_ThumbsUp.
I don't think this would be necessary to the game. As Jach said, if this was in the game many people would just make many accounts for this suggestion. Also, you will not get a daily weapon if you send it to a random person, Friends.
like jach said it would just create more problems, cooldown like in stash weaps would solve problem partially but not fully since cheating player would have 1 type of each damaging weapon + what that player gets randomly.
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