Full Version: Heavy Eggs! & Astronaut Eggs!
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Hey Egg's Smiley_Smile I don't know if this a thought or not but if it is I'm sorry!

So here it is.
Heavy Eggs
Game option.<
What Heavy Eggs does say like when ever you jump off a hill or something you fall fast! Very fast.
-You can't jump if you can its very short.
You take 10% less damage to add some more fun to the game Smiley_Wink
Your egg shell could be a little bit wider.


Astronaut Eggs! maybe the exact opposite of Heavy Eggs when you jump you kinda float, you float more than low gravity and you take about 10% more damage when you jump you jump really high for them Jump Shots Smiley_Smile when your turn is done though you float down little faster


Sorry if it sucks its kind of a rough draft of the idea please no hate :/
Its just a quick idea of some modes.

--Smiley_Cyclops Smiley_Hungry Smiley_Dragon
I like them. they sound fun. Smiley_Smile
special eggs with special powers ;D might work.
(12-06-2013 01:59 PM)Master chief Wrote: [ -> ]I like them. they sound fun. Smiley_Smile

Yeah, agree. A new mod maybe?
Rob and John should consider this good idea ;D
Wow guys thanks! I didn't expect people to like so far all of my suggestions have been liked! Smiley_Smile Maybe Donkins will consider it! Smiley_Smile
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