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handicap matches
how many times we was playing a 1vs1vs1 match, and we found a team. Every one hate this but, if I want play sometime with handicap? In this game mode, the host will play alone vs other two players.
unlockable party games mods
I think the game need more unlockable things, so, why not party games mods? You unlock this mods between the lvl50 and 60
you allways go to find a guy who go to quit after one fail. We win the game, but we lost the kill, so why don't put bots? You can't create games vs bots, but when one guy quits, the game will continue. This bots can be used in practice mode.
nice ideas , great job.

Welcome to forum.
I always wanted 2v1 game mode,btw nice ideas

P.s welcome to the forum world
Wow, llike yur ideas specially botS but i think it might work different then what u think; good ideas
I like the 2vs1 idea. Maybe the guy that's alone could have double hp or something?
Big disadvantage for 1 player on team.
single player would need 250-300 health to have surviving chance since so many weaps (free and pack) deal ~50 dmg unless that single player is always starting.
1. This one wouldn't be fair, 2v1: Imagine 2 pros against 1 noob.
The 2v1 idea it would be better if the other player could be with health 100 on a normal game.Anyway i like the ideas and we wait more soon!
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