Full Version: Leaderboard suggestions- other suggestions from other people allowed
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We don't see anything new added to the leaderboard lately. So I have a few suggestions for the leaderboard.

1. Put Kills and Wins in All Time section- This will be very fair, put Kills and Wins in All Time, so those two wont be restarted very monthly.

also, other people can make suggestions here if they want to, we need to have changes for the leaderboard. Those are the suggestions I have right now.
The leader board system used on the game its not programmed for devs, its and utility from playerio now yahoo games, the leaderboards are templates, have set some stats and have a limit of it, leaderboard upgrade have been suggested many times before since beo1, and till devs don't found a new leaderboard system that let modify and set your own requirements this will never happen.

What could change is disable the leaderboard that have nothing of value or real skill to be on

or remove xp from leaderboard and set another stat , maybe win% or less lost. this of course will bring a totally new leaderboard for sure.
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