Full Version: Bugs with game timer.
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Hi, This afternoon I experienced the following with the game timer as it clearly shows with these screen shots. Just wondering if anyone else who still plays BEO1 has had similar problems. Thank you.

Spoiler :
[Image: 2iragav.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: 9vi2vs.png]

Spoiler :
[Image: 16c06f6.png]
Solution: play beo2
I haven't played BEO1 for a long time now, but I don't recall this ever happening to me. Out of curiosity, how long did the glitch last for in each instance?
@ Tally

Once the glitch started it would never end. Screenshot 2&3 after a while the blue team got bored and quit the game. Both rajueee06 and myself remained in lobby waiting for players to join and we both could hear the timer in background. We both decided just to stay and see if the game would be playable but game timer would still be -1 to -9.
So to make all things normal again you had to exit out and make a fresh lobby.
That really is strange! I played a couple of BEO1 games this morning and nothing like that happened. Did it happen every time you played a game?

This has only happened a few times within the last month. Not sure whether lag had anything to do with it.
Hello Smiley_Smile
I was having problems again with the game timer this afternoon. I'm just after taking a short video of it to share with the community.
Hello, i'm not sure but I think that the admins/Donkins didn't update Bad Eggs Online 1.
Yeah they've stopped updating the game. I doubt they're going to try to fix a bug.
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