Full Version: report system should be deleted.
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I hope the owners will delete the report system from game. cause its just so annoy.. if i even not talk in game nothings. the peoples will report. Just for no reason. 0.o
yes you are right it will be nice if report button is NOT in game Smiley_BigGrin
This has been suggested countless times.
It would be nice yes, but i think they will not remove it Smiley_Wink
As welcome as suggestions are, you should try to search the forum beforehand, to ensure that your suggestion hasn't already been raised in a previous thread. In my opinion, it would have been better for you to post in one of the pre-existing topics. It prevents duplicate threads and makes it a lot easier for people to refer back to a specific subject.

For instance:
Suggested many times and wont happen.
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