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Everyone hates playing with guests/nabs on a random team game. So we put the + Rep on to eliminate this.

But what's worse than a Guest? A level 3 Player with a +1 rep. Or any other low level player.

I don't play BEO2 with friends often, I play by myself. So I make random games, 1v1's etc. However I hate having to deal with low level players who don't know how to play or listen to teachings.

So I propose a level restriction, where we can set the minimum level requirement in increments of 10 all the way to level 90. There is also a prestige restriction where players can set a minimum prestige level for people to play.

To avoid low levels being left out the restriction can only be applied as to the point of your own level. This I believe would also make new players play with other people of their same skill level as they would only join low level games.

Thanks for reading Smiley_Smile
Firstly, you have written it in a wrong thread.

Secondly, it was already several times in the forum about the same idea.

Thirdly, it will never come because it would increased waiting times and there are many players with a small level that are better than those players who have higher level.

Fourthly, level does not mean that the player is good and just the skills matter and the good tactics.

Thank you Matthew
suggested many times before (even during beo1) and its been shot down always due several reasonss, mostly due packs since lvl 5 player w/o packs has serious disadvantage against lvl 5 player with pack(s) (although not as big as in beo1 where starting positions were fixed) and also how lvl 5 prestige 1-9 is determined, lvl 5 player or lvl 90 player.

too much work for minor problem.

and random weapons equalize things a bit, lvl 90 player can get same weapons as guest would have or worse (only long ranges would be grenades and bazooka).
As Matthew0000 said it doesn't matter about level, that just tells us how much that person has played. Skill is more important... a level 5 could beat a level 15 in battle if they have better aim. Putting this in the game would decrease your chances of meeting someone that could be better than you.
Alright, I haven't forum'd much so I didn't know it was suggested before :/

It just makes sense though, I mean I have yet to find a level 3 who's better then me,
Secondly every low level I play with tends to be new to the game, in all honesty the percentage of low level players whom have skill is less then the amount of people who own the Black Dragon Shell (I assume).
Thirdly it would eliminate low level smurf/troll accounts.

Conclusion, the counter arguments I see are based on probability and possibility. However it could be reformed to an XP rework e.g. In partitions of Twenty Thousand.
For the instance...some things need to be added..
We shouldn't be able to set level will be only added as players 20 lvl lower and higher than you can join..(prestige will matter...) and that the way u told...A player could set it so he will battle noobs only(a noob often tries that)
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