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If you follow us over on Facebook or Twitter you'll have noticed some Banner artwork for the latest eggs we've released. I've been using them as my iPad and desktop backgrounds Smiley_Smile So if you want you can too. Or you can do whatever you want with them.

I'm working through all the eggs and creating a unique banner design for each and then I'll release a new set each week.

This week's set features: Grunt, Eric, Bandito, Lord Volderegg, Grim, Bob, Hot Rod, King Tut, Cleo and the Queen of Hearts. (the last 3 have just been released in the game this afternoon). Click on image for large version.

[Image: Banner_Army.png] [Image: Banner_Viking.png] [Image: Banner_Bandit.png] [Image: Banner_Wizard.png] [Image: Banner_Reaper.png] [Image: Banner_Rasta.png] [Image: Banner_Fireman.png] [Image: Banner_Tut.png] [Image: Banner_Cleopatra.png] [Image: Banner_QueenofHearts.png]

Here's set 2. Sorry for the delay.

[Image: Banner_King.png] [Image: Banner_Princess.png] [Image: Banner_Sheriff.png] [Image: Banner_IndianWoman.png] [Image: Banner_Pirate.png] [Image: Banner_Devil.png] [Image: Banner_Angel.png] [Image: Banner_Poseidon.png] [Image: Banner_Caesar.png] [Image: Banner_Hermes.png]

And set 3. Woop woop:

[Image: Banner_Alien.png] [Image: Banner_Invisible.png] [Image: Banner_Genie.png] [Image: Banner_Frankenstein.png] [Image: Banner_Yeti.png] [Image: Banner_Mummy.png] [Image: Banner_Zombie.png] [Image: Banner_Vampire.png] [Image: Banner_Witch.png] [Image: Banner_Pumpkin.png]

SET 4:

[Image: Banner_Astronaut.png] [Image: Banner_Cyborg.png] [Image: Banner_Gunslinger.png] [Image: Banner_Heisenberg.png] [Image: Banner_Radioactive.png] [Image: Banner_Ninja.png] [Image: Banner_Samurai.png] [Image: Banner_Sumo.png] [Image: Banner_Unicorn.png] [Image: Banner_Punk.png]
Awesome, I love the viking and wizard one. Can't wait to see more, I hope you can do the ninja or level 99 egg Smiley_BigGrin
looks nice but i'm waiting zombie-banner.
Great update. Only complaint is the sounds for the new weapons, they were rip-offs of older weapons. They are cool and creative though.
Hoping for a doctor banner.
I did not release this. Nice! Smiley_BigGrin
WOW, John, hats off to you, thank you for continuing to keep beo2 an Amazing place and game, and to make awesome content like this! I truly love all of these, and will definitely be using them as my background on either my phone or comp or both, as these just truly ROCK!
Amazing banners John, looking forward to seeing your next weeks release.
Awsome Smiley_Shocked
nice to see that thread with that great job
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