Full Version: Favorite 5 Things in a game !
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Hi Everyone ,

What is your Favorite Things in a game ?

From where :

1. Favorite pack
2. Favorite Shell
3. Favorite Weapon
4. Favorite Map
5. Favorite Settings

i want you guys feedback i like to know what is your Favorites

Come on
1. Weapon pack 10
2. Coldfang
3. Ice dragon, ghost bow and grass cutter
4. Random platforms symmetrical
5. Bouncy walls, wind, random (when I play alone) or low gravity (when I play with friends)
Fav pack 8(or as i call it pack of death)
Fav shell viking(or fireman)
Fav wep knife(or lighting storm black dragon)
Fav sets low grav,no jump,bounch walls wind and skulls map
Favorite pack: The one with the falling elephants.
Favorite shell: Black Dragon
Favorite Weapon: Grenade.
Favorite map: Random non symmetrical.
Favorite Settings: 200 hp, 10 seconds, wind, low gravity, skillshot.
Favourite pack: Weapon pack 7.
Favourite shell: Benedict.
Favourite weapon: Pineapple.
Favourite map: Random symmetrical.
Favourite settings: 100hp, speedy mode, jump mode, x2 explosion, 30 seconds.
Favourite pack: Weapon pack 3 {The elephant one}
Favourite shell: The one i am wearing right now
Favourite weapon: any splurging weapon {In wind and Any gravity}
Favourite map: Platforms in random symmetrical
Favourite settings: 150hp, 20 seconds,no walls/bouncy,low/random gravity,wind
Favorite pack: 8
Favorite shell: mask
Favorite weapon: ufo
Favorite map: random with platform
Favorite settings: 200 hp 30 seconds bouncy
Favorite ..........

Pack: 8
Shell: medusa
Weapon: Death from above
Map: pumpkin
settings: 200hp, bouncy wall, 30/20 seconds
Pack: 6
Shell: Hannibal (Level 99)
Weapon: Whirlygig
Map:Random Symmetrical Platforms
Settings: 150 health, Speedy, Wind, 10 sec, Forces
pack : 8
Shell : ninja
Weapon : meteor
Map : under the sea
Settings : 10 sec , Wind + low
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