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Played match today where one teammate spent his turn to heal opponents, not just once but twice.
That guy is just a noob. Why cant they use it when they are low?
Whatever floats his boat, can't stop people from doing their own thing.
To be fair, some people do that to earn more XP, as long as they're confident in their ability to win the game.
I agree with Tally although I don't understand the point of this thread...
I do that when I know i'll lose, just to troll.
Lol Toxic, how mean.
(06-17-2015 11:49 AM)lasershooter(BEAM) Wrote: [ -> ]Lol Toxic, how mean.

I think we was talking about the other player using the health potion.
He wasn't talking about the other player. He was talking about himself.
I know some players use it to get more xp but match was still in early stage when that player healed opponents so winner was still unknown so he hurt own team more than possibly helped.

Seen plenty of things but that was 1st time teammate heals opponent purposely.
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