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It just gets it more confusing if we did that. But its an okay idea to me.
(06-16-2015 04:29 PM)tenchi Wrote: [ -> ]If you introduced name color for regular members, then you have the problem of people wanting to choose green (giving the appearance of a dev)

The only way I'd agree with this is if you've been on the forum/in game long enough, respected by the majority of the community and have been/shown enough dedication to DESERVE the color.

As 1337 and some others commented, if they were a "VIP member" in this case a "Veteran" player or a "Dedicated" player, you'd achieve a different color (maybe such as a darker blue, or red (but all "veterans" would be the same color, to avoid confusion of course))

For one, if anyone mentioned that post count should be a factor to achieve this "color", it shouldn't matter and doesn't matter, the quality counts.

The reason why forums have a color option is because in certain games (like another one I play) there are individual ranks on the game itself.
Black - default
Blue - donor
Orange - moderator


In all retrospect.. I don't think there's a need for color other than that possible exception, and even then it's not like it makes all the difference.
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