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New weapon: ladder

It helps climb eggs! it can't be destroyed, the weapon goes right through the ladder. It stays the entire game and you just hold up to climb. Hope this will be implemented in the new pack.
I r8 8/8 love it no h8.

Didn't even give me any credit, though mostly your idea.
nice idea weapons Smiley_Smile
Wouldn't this basically be a mod on the existing jump system? I'm thinking of something like the brick wall and jumping up it like you can currently do with jumping out of holes.
Well maybe the ladder could be half the size of the wall?
I have a question about this. When would the ladder would be used?
When they select the weapon, aim then press fire.
Like needing to get out of a hole, build houses.
Another question: How many times will it be used?
1, 2, or 3. (or 4 if you get from stash)
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