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I got 1 more death since yesterday but games played etc are same (besides 1st match of today where I didn't die).
Maybe someone knows your password and played one game. But that'd be weird Smiley_Confused.
This happened to your k/d as well if I'm correct? You got crazy things going on with your account lol.
K/D ratio got changed of course.

Games played since day before yesterday had increased with 1 cause I checked stats after playing 1 match so no some1 logging into my account (can't die w/o playing a game and party games shouldn't affect on any stats) and no changes in losses, wins or ties, just 2 stats changed (k/d ratio and deaths). Also haven't "missed" any daily spins so that's against some1 getting into my account.

day before yesterday:

Maybe someone knows your code,change it and i guess its gonna be ok Smiley_Smile
Weirdest thing ever, if someone knew his pass, they would edit his shell, badge, clan tag, maybe delete friends, everything. I doubt someone knows his pass.
Maybe it wanted play someone tryied find acc,found acc name and were putting codes whatever codes and didnt wanted egg learn this..
no matches played while offline. only change between days is 1 match played which I won and didn't die.

again: (normally) can't die w/o playing a match.
I don't understand what are you trying to show us with the screenshots, but we can't really take them as proof.
Your kills went from 2424 to 2426 which means you got two kills in one game.
Maybe you played a 2v2 or a 3v3, got these two kills and then died, but still won.
I didn't die in that match (2 vs 2) I played that's why I made this thread.

I have died only once in match since may 29th (started taking screenshots cause I was thinking that my account had been hacked) but deaths have gone up from 242 to 245 so 1 normal death and 2 un-normal deaths.

I made thread on same subject earlier wondering why my k/d-ratio went down w/o me dying (main guess was ghost-kills expiring) and didn't get answer then either (even 1 of Donkins was puzzled).

I'm saying that somehow my deaths go up even I'm not playing (I get daily spins normally) and its not daily thing (otherwise I'd be more pissed), highest k/d-ratio I've had past few days is 9.98 and lowest 9.92 or 9.93.

For now on I check my profile before playing a match to see if I get solid proofs that I die when I'm offline.
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