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So I was just smacking some noob up earlier as always, get to our third game, says I'm mean, then bye, then reports me and drops out and quits. He apparently got tired of losing games, and then decided he'd rather report me and make sure I pay for winning, so I've been on this idea for I'd say a couple weeks now, pondering it, and I'm just gonna drop it to the community here to see what you people think.

The New Report System

What if you couldn't report players anymore, but instead, report a game.

What I imagine is that every game is recorded, time markers at every minute within the game, and if someone becomes abusive or rude, or something along the lines that would deserve a report, we can report the game, and the time marker it happened around, and send it in to either the forum mods here or possibly in-game mods, which could also just be grim and mageg, but also more people that are reliable and probably good forum members, though that would require more work to the game.

Anyways, how I see it working is I'm in a game with someone, and around 2 mins in the game they call me a couple offensive words, stuff like that, ya get my flow. Then after the game, I could click report game, select from 2-4 mins or whatver, and then send that in. If I'm legal in sending it in, they recieve maybe a 1 day ban for first offense, 3 days for second, week for third, and or so on, or they could maybe lose 3-4 rep points at once, since this requires a lot of work and it can't be done just because they were mad they couldn't win a game. If I am not legal in sending it in, I get the same offense.

Tell me what you think!
I am a little bit worried about the rep for the report. 3-4 rep is way too much.
Then follow the rules, not a worry in the air!
The problem is that you would need to implement a system for monitoring those reported matches. Regardless of who does and doesn't follow the rules, you would need to completely overhaul the game to allow for continuous recording of matches. That means wasting the time of someone else who may have to watch an entire match because someone missed all their shots and was upset about it.

The current system is best solution with regard to any kind of rating system. But, before you suggest removing it completely, I'm going to say that this has been suggested many times and all with the same general idea: "The current system is better than no system."

In short, this idea won't happen because of the time and effort that would be needed by everyone involved in the development and moderation of BEO. (And yes, 3-4 is too steep a penalty.)
Yeah, I knew it'd be a ton of work, I didn't think so, but one can hope. I still think the rep is fine, imo.
i somehow agree with this kind of system

Suppose everyday 100k lobbies are created out of which 5% are abusive means 5k reports on the first day
now suppose admins added 10 responsible person from forum to moderate the game for a week so each person get 500 reports,now if the reports were true then the culprit will be punished such that his 1 day chat permit will be disabled.
And the reason why their chat has been disabled will be shown to them{and also we should type that if you again abuse then your chat will be disabled forever }
and if the report was false then the reportee report box will be removed for a day.

So when the people will know that a good report system has been introduced the amount of abuse will decrease
and around 500-600 daily reports will come everyday and it can be easily reviewed by our 2 moderators mageg and grim
And this will work i think
Yep, wouldn't be too many people being 10-20 I think, sounds great, glad you like as well!
off on another trip of mine so i cant reply properly, but i implore you to look for robs reply on this same topic and read the suggestions he offered as the only possibilities for a solution to this that they are willing to do
I sure will do so later vex, thanks for dropping by and letting me know!
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