Full Version: ~The Reaper Cometh ~Coming Soon !
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[Image: t6jjXc5.png]

Hi Beo2 Peeps New big update coming soon ! This going to be amazing ! The Reaper shell is Cool as Ice Smiley_Reaper

This is Epic i can't wait for this update , The Reaper Cometh

-"Cometh" is an obsolete form of the word "comes."

Beo2 Peeps any idea what type of Update this gonna be !
Idk, saw the pic on FB a couple days ago, new shell, maybe weap and map!
i think mp zombie of this thread

and reper shell will given to the players who complete missions
I will complete the missions. This shell looks Cool.
I assumed the shell would have came out on Halloween.
Ill buy ill buy ill buy it Smiley_BigGrin
but im 100% sure it was and on BEO1 btw John and rob nice work
and sir rob please play your game its epic! Smiley_Smile
Finally! Thank you Rob and John! A while ago I sent John and Rob a PM to release the shell on BEO2 and they said it was on their radar, and it has finally arrived! Bouncing with joy so much! Thanks once again Rob and John. Dream come true!

Regards, Reaper Pro
@Shadow Thanks for the link, it's pretty cool Smiley_Reaper

@Reaper Lol, congratulation Your Dream Come true.

@Zeus We don't need to Buy Reaper shell, We have to simply complete few challenges - Maybe (=
Looking forward to seeing the other shells
ill complite them all and ill reap up some naughty eggies

Zeus the reaper coming soon!

i hope bryas dont brake again john and rob's secret Smiley_XD
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