Full Version: Should you get extra xp for killing people with higher levels than you?
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I think so.
no since then higher level players would get targeted even more than now and it'd be unfair of those who play against who play against lower level players.

besides players level up fast enuf atm and when prestiging would prestiged player be considered as lvl 1 or lvl 99.
I don't think it's necessary. Higher levels aren't directly proportionate to skill and, as egg666 pointed out, it could encourage piling.
This is what I'm seeing: you want a way to get more experience, but you don't want to pay for pro.

This is incredibly unfair for several reasons. The first and most obvious is that it (essentially) give players the equivalent of pro-pack experience without contributing to game development (where else does the money go Smiley_Wink).

Next, is the piling issue that egg pointed out.

Third, if you want to increase the experience gain based on level of opponents, then you have a few other problems to look at. The higher your level, the lower the exp gain if you win (i.e. if you're level 1 and I'm level 99 and win, I should get .5 experience). Then you have to think about the various modes, this kind of suggestion would only work in the 1v matches (1v1, 1v1v1, 1v1v1v1). As soon as you go to the other modes, you would need to average the levels of the teams (a level 20 and a level 50 on a team would be the same as 1 level 35 player, then the other team could be two level 35s). It just doesn't work in anything beyond a 1v game.

Lastly, what benefit is there for the people who have purchased pro. Using the .5 exp gain from above, this means that if I have pro, then I would only gain the normal amount of experience in 1 game that a non-pro player would currently receive. However, if you (as a level 1) beat me (as a level 99) AND you have pro, that would equal a x4 gain (meaning a total of 400 exp for defeating someone in a 1v1 match). That would severely unbalance the game and discourage the higher leveled players from coming back and hosting lobbies. The ultimate end result is a game that nobody plays and a forum that is completely empty...both things that result in fewer games being made by the Donkins and in fewer updates/events.
This would be a disadvantage for the skilled ones. So I would agree with all of the others. I don't think this would be necessary because it would be a disadvantage.
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and other thing if higher level players would get less xp like tenchi said when killing lower level players then players would be forced to search match where everybody is ~same level and sometimes that is difficult.

still question about prestiged players remain, are they lvl 1 (they level up quicker) or lvl 99 (they level up slower making getting prestiges more difficult).
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