Full Version: Add button on User Control Pannel
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There will be a button called "Delete All Posts". When you press it, it will delete all of your posts, and now one will ever see them again. Tell me what you think of this idea.
I think a better idea would be when you view your posts. And you could delete them from there, and you clicked a check mark next to them to choose the ones you wanted to delete. Or if you wanted to delete all of them it could be the same way like deleting your private message area.
Some forums do have this feature, but it's usually irreversible.

The only reasons I could think of for somebody wanting to delete all of their posts would be 1) a melodramatic tantrum, which they would probably later regret; 2) to delete information to spite others; 3) to hide wrongdoings or inconsistent lies.

There are probably more reasons than that, but, in my previous experience, those tended to be the most common excuses for people wishing to delete all of their posts. I daresay there are times when a person may have a legitimate excuse for doing such a thing. In general, though, I honestly don't see the need for it.
The only reason I want it is because I don't delete all of my posts one by one, takes to much time.
There may be a need for it but it would be better if a option like check box was there... Smiley_Smile
(05-25-2015 08:45 AM)[FTF] Gen. Goonday Wrote: [ -> ]The only reason I want it is because I don't delete all of my posts one by one, takes to much time.

What we all want to know is why you want to delete all your posts. If you make a post, then it means you state your opinion, and you should always stand by what you say.
one question?
why there is no button where you can delete posts that others made on ur thread?
instead of sending a pm to a mode to delete posts on ur thread that you dont wont.
Because it isn't up to ordinary forum members to decide which posts should be deleted. That would leave the system open to abuse. You can't just delete somebody's post every time they say something you disagree with; everybody is entitled to their opinion and they are entitled to state that opinion. It's the job of the moderators to decide which posts violate the rules.
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