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There should be another mode, but They'll be a new mod every week.

The staff will choose another person to be a mod depending on:

reporting posts the right way
and attitude

Show what you think of this idea?
Bro if we got other mods every week then real mods will lose their jobs and everyone will do whatever he wanna on beo..
This is no different than the other "more mods" threads, at least, at it's basic principles...just more troublesome.

What it comes down to is that changing the person every week would be a hassle for the Donkins (since they're the only ones who CAN change the powers of users to that degree). While Grim and Mageg would have a say in the results, they wouldn't be able to give Mod-ship to anyone.

Lastly, if we needed another moderator, then the Donkins would take care of that. It's been brought up multiple times (in PM and in threads) and can be safely said that they are not currently planning to add a 3rd moderator to the game/forums. That said, if they ever do decide to add another mod, then they would discuss it with that person at that time.
A moderator position shouldn't be given as a random prize to random people. The clue is in the name: A moderator moderates. It would be difficult for a new moderator to properly keep track of the forum each week, as it's unlikely that they would be able to properly assess situations in context with situations which may have occurred in previous time frames.

A moderator should also be somebody who is relatively approachable. Forum members need to be able to raise potential concerns with them. If there's a new moderator each week, forum members will need to continuously reacclimatise.

I'm sure you meant well in pitching this idea, but I feel that it would also diminish the effect of the current moderators' positions on the forum.
This is worse than all of the other threads if I take what your saying correctly. The other threads are saying that we should add 1 to 2 new mods. But what you're saying is to add a mod every week?

In a years time like every body would be a moderator.
I do agree that we would need a new moderator if we had the 5000 people who have registered here actually using the forum but not to have a new mod every week.
And out of those 5000 people we have only about 100 using it.
I just don't think it's a good idea.
This is by far your worst idea ever. And you've had plenty of stupid ideas. LOL
As Tenchi mentioned, another moderator will be appointed if the forum size expands to the point of needing the extra mods on hand. Currently the amount of reports received daily are handled with ease.
If myself or Grim leave or as mentioned, we need the extra help, then it's likely another moderator will be appointed.

Though the traits that you mentioned are awesome things for all users to have and help keep the forums a nicer place Smiley_Smile
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