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Thanks for the feedback smashed, I appreciate it, and yes, as long as it didnt count towards stats, it'd be nice to just finish each other off for the heck of it, rather than end the game. Even if it did affect them, I'd be on the goalpost of not even caring as it seems like a fun game mode to me. Maybe can even drop it into a impromptu 1v1 or something, who knows.
This is not only 2vs2, this can also be these, 2vs2vs2, 3vs3, and more. I can help you make suggestions if you like and improve them.Smiley_Smile
Again, it really doesn't do anything. If you take over for 1 (or more) of the opponents, and you're a better player, you suddenly make your former partner want to quit. Even if stat's aren't affected, if that person quits then they still lose a streak that they may have been working on (as pointed out by Grim).

Furthermore, as I had previously said, you're effectively changing the rules of the game in the middle of said game. It would be exactly like the Donkins saying "Ok, everyone can have all the packs and pro now. For those who already purchased them, sorry but no refunds". How would that make you feel, if that were the actual case? You create a completely new game with this making all the old statistics irrelevant and thusly forcing everything to be reset to zero.
I suggested long ago that if player chickens in 1 vs 1 then ai would control it or player would get kill still and this doesn't differ mcuh from my idea which got shot down so no.
Lol not ture im preety sure the donkings will give ppl there money back i mean it would be like stealing if they didnt but the donkins r good ppl they want do that
What??? Could you clarify some more please.
Eh, this isn't really necessary, and for purposes can be abused to a sense? if you and your friends want to fight each other just have private matches Smiley_BigGrin easy as that. -1 for this suggestion from my standpoint
I see your point there, this is to just help those games that end too early die to quitters.
then it should be like that all the health and damage will be reset to what it was in the beginning of the game and also the terrian.
but it will be no different than a 1v1.
No need for it, meybe it can be a pro option.
how it helps? if opponents quit you get win and some xp.
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