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This wouldn't work at all. As Grim said, it ruins the game. If you and I teamed up, but the other team quit (based on the ides you presented), this means that it's you versus me. If I'm a better player than you and always get max damage, this means that you're more likely to quit.

If we each got 1 of their eggs, then we would continue to take our shots and doing damage, but we'd also boost ourselves by healing the other eggs and purposely missing shots. If we didn't do that, then we'd shoot ourselves to end it and lose out on the extra experience.

No matter how you try to re-work this (for 2v2, 3v3, 1v1v1v1, etc) you still end up losing more than you would if the changes you propose are never made.
It could be set as an option before game for all players, or maybe for something that has to be agreed upon for everyone as like in gta5 races when enough bets aren't placed on a race, then they aren't played, could be the same here.
What if you are working on a streak? When you want to keep a streak, you team up with good friends, if you get to play against them you risk too much.
In fact I think it's fun, but it would just kill the purpose of playing team matches.
Well it could be made to not affect those stats when initiated, just like in party mode, kinda like a sub-party mode or sumtin Smiley_Smile
If the stats wouldn't be affected in a non-party mode match, then what would be the point of playing said match?
Its only if both of the other people quits and if unanimously agreed upon also, so there wouldn't be any discretion in said match.
The fact remains, though, that at the beginning of the game, it was already understood that the match would affect stats. This suggestion isn't any different than saying (in another game) "OK, all of you people who worked hard to get here...that doesn't matter anymore, we're letting the beginner players access this high level city".

By changing the rules in the middle of the game, you thereby change the game in its entirety and create a new game. By creating a new game, that means that all of your previous stats are worthless (win streak, K/D, win/loss, etc) and everything should be reset to 0.
You make a good point, I guess I've been shot down Smiley_Shocked
This would make the game have some bugs maybe, and also this would not be fair. But this would be fair because if they both quit, suppose 1 player take a team player and controls in, and the other gets the same.
I think this would be fun, I mean, it wouldn't work at all, but I like the idea. Maybe if it didn't restore any health and you could just finish each other off, that would sound more fun to me.
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