Full Version: Type the above user's name with your eyes closed
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Self explanatory title.
Don't be childish and cheat pls. Smiley_Shake
Let's get started.

lel should be fun to see how bad or good people do, good luck to the person trying to type my name, you're gonna need it. Smiley_BigGrin
(Doesn't have to be in capitals)

Smiley_Smile lol, I tried.

New game addition!!! Change your name to the way the person typed it!!! DUNDUNDUN!
(05-22-2015 06:25 AM)lasershooter(BEAM) Wrote: [ -> ]navekmaduakud

Smiley_Smile lol, I tried.


Nuuuuuuuu screwed up (BEAM) :'(

I honestly thought I did much worse than this... but since you have this long azz name, I guess my small mistake is forgiven Smiley_XD

Edit: navelmafiakid

YESSS there you go Smiley_XD although I didn't go with the capitals, they're so weird and confusing... Smiley_XD

inb4 i get a warning lol

-Edit, sorry I messed the thread up 2 minutes in >.<

1337 replied and I didn't see it so,


(are you allowed to put your finger on the first letter, because that's what I'm doing?
(05-22-2015 06:30 AM)Zuko Wrote: [ -> ]Edit: navelmafiakid

OMG, I'm dying at you guys comments, @navel,zuko,1337, you guys all made my day!

I'll testify for you 1337! Smiley_Smile

I honestly love lasersbooter lmao
LOL Navel. In case you aren't joking - no, I didn't cheat. It's just I spent my whole life in front of my PC so I got it right... It's really not something I should be proud of, but LOL


(I'm trying to type Zuchiniz
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