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So this is an idea to some that may be awesome, and to others they hate it, but I can tell you a couple times already I've been in games where I can't win unless I use a stash, due to wind or grav limitations, or damage limitations, so how cool would it be if you were able to pull up the stash shop while in the game real quick to buy what you needed to win the game, just so you could pull it off, as this has been the case for me a couple of times. Leave what you think down below!
I am getting sick of losing, one of those reasons are no good weapons in the game. If I need good weapons, all I have to do is use is stash is game. I highly agree with this idea.
I agree if u have bad weapons in a game u need to use stash to win and most of the time when I use stash it ends in draw.
That would give an insanely unfair advantage over the non-buyers. Sorry, but I highly disagree.
It's alright, I understand the advantages over it and all, they could also do it before, but this is for the non preppers Smiley_Smile
i would like to copy inyuasha's line

Well to each their own, I think the weap packs are pay2win actually, but I roamed a good part of the day weap free, and still whooped butt, so can't be the case all the time. Thanks for the input!
This creates two problems, the main one being that it becomes a pay to win game, hence giving players who have credits a very big advantage over the rest.
The second issue is that if you can pull up the stash shop in game, what prevents you from buying more than that '1 weapon' you needed to win, should things have not gone your way the first time? That's when it really gets unfair, because you can continue to pay for /better/ weapons in order to win the game continuously. Though it would get expensive, it would get to the point where some people might not even be buying them for the last shot, but buying them throughout the whole game.
Well I view it is a one time option, and donkins could allow it only once per day maybe, like stash spin, and in my view, I'd rather spend 20-30 on packs before I do it on stash, as both go up in cost quickly. I'm just saying, out if about 5200 games, I've needed it 2 or 3 times.
Only thing close to this i could think of that would be closely legitimate in similarity to your idea, would be if you had the ability to refresh your weapons, only once, and at the very beginning of the game, for everyone to be able to use.
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