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Hi all. I made a game that's similar to 10 things about my friend, but in this game you say your 5 favorite things: colour, food, song, friend and some other thing. I'll start.

Favorite colour: purple
Favorite food: tomato sauce with dumplings
Favorite song: Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins
Favorite friend: Bryas (I have more favorite friends)
Favorite other thing: Bad Eggs Online 2 Smiley_Smile
1. Life
2. For me being able to express my self without getting murdered.
3. Music and other things that make my life my life.
4.My self
5 My superiority over other people.
3)uptown funk Smiley_Tongue and see you again wiz kharifla..
4)Echii,pixie and andre
5)Beo1 (the old zeus Smiley_XD)
Go Green
Lucky by jason marz
Jack Daniels Shrestha (my dog)
My email Smiley_Tongue
My signature Smiley_XD
My laptop. Smiley_Smile
My friends ... I have many.
MYSELF !! Smiley_BigGrin (i am a bandit Smiley_Tongue )
Favorite colour: Black and white
Favorite food: Pizza and sushi
Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer... And Hatsune Miku Smiley_Wink
Favorite friend: My sister and my girlfriend (irl), EoD and Beta (online)
Favorite other thing: Manga books
1. Friends
3. Dolphins
4. Mario games
5. BEO2
1. My haters
2. My true friends (you know who you are)
3. BEO
4. Those people who are always gonna help me and be there for me.
5. Life.
Food 1). Mexican & Pastas
Song 2). Lady Gaga Telephone ft. Beyonce`
Color 3).Black, white, yellow, Purple
Friends 4).My BEST friends, Bros, & sisters
Other Thing 5). My Family & My job.
1.My life
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