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So, I was playing a pro game (3 vs 3) and after a few moments (after the game has started) someone was writing abusive things on the chat box with my name.
Then after a few moments a message showed up dat my account has been suspended and will be removed in 24 hours !!!
Please guys help me !!! I wasn't the one who was writing those things !!!
It's a very old (very unamusing) trick with the chat box. Nothing to worry about.
Hi Cloak, It's me, jachym. If someone from the game said your account was suspended, you don't need to worry about anything. If the message was blue and shown on the screen, you'd better send one of the moderators private message about this.
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Jachym, yes I remember u Smiley_Smile and it was written in the chat box like this way
"BE2administrator:[DEAD]cloak2001: your account has been suspended and will be removed in 24 hours." And it was not written in blue.
Do I have to worry about it ?
Nah. Juts some noob made silly joke. Don't worry about that. Smiley_Smile
that "joke" has existed since beginning of beo1. moderators don't inform players if they get banned, they just ban and/or delete.
Its just the work of some pretty little dumb people who like to mock others.... Don't even give it a thought Cloak
lol its simple joke, In the beginning I played it but left it as some people began to really believe on it.
Search BEO1 forums to learn about it.
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