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Computer mode- You have to play against the computers, the shells that they wear are random. There levels are random also. The health is 200. The last player standing is the winner.

War mode- You can fire at any person and you can move anywhere because it is war. 2-6 players can play. Health is 200, you have 50 lives, the last player with lives is the winner of the game.

250 Health mode- Want more than 200? Then lets have 250 health for each egg that comes into that game.

Computions- I know this has been suggested before. But, you must have more contest is BEO2.

Here is how it will work:

You must be a good player in every mode.
There will be 3 winners.

1st place- 1000 credits

2nd place- 500 credits

3rd place- 250 credits

After that. There will be no more buying credits for a month.

More coming soon!
One has been suggested before/campaign mode

two is beo3 in 3D/first person like COD style.

That being said, I wouldn't mind either.
We don't really need any more pro settings/modes though. We already have so much that it'd be hard to add anything else and still have a playable game (maybe for a party mode, though).
Thew games are tooooo long.. Also, computer mode will like give 2 options...either a perfect shot or a dumb shot... There can't be anything in between (according to me)...

P.S. -> 200 health x 50 lives = 10,000 XP.... And well i t would take about 10 hours to complete this game if 6 players are there... So on a personal note...isn't that a little too much ? Smiley_Tongue
50 lives and 200 health would work somewhat only if had unlimited ammos in weapons and got lucky that has dfa, big boom, etc otherwise after few shots (even if ammos would be replenished in death) it would become grenade fest and would take even longer to finish.

also certain group of players would just love that amount of xp.
nice ideas it's "Awesom
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