Full Version: Ice Dragon or Alien?
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Hello everyone. I had quit this game for a year, and just came back like 2 months ago.

I had bought Atom Shell & Red Dragon. Atom Shell with cookies is an awesome weapon. But Red Dragon's weapon is a big disappointed to me. Compared to Dragons's weapons in BEO1 and BEO2. BEO1's Dragons's weapons is way better.

So, right now I am planning to spend another $20.00, but I don't know which shell to buy between Ice Dragon and Alien?

If any had 1 of the shell, both, or saw how it actually work. Please give me some advise.

Thanks! Have a nice day!
ice dragon is really good... personally i think the ice dragon is better than the black dragon and the red dragon, because its way easier to use(once you get used to it) and it does 48 damage plus you can freeze the entire other team easily.. whereas aliens are only good in certain situations like when they are at the half way point from the top and bottom of the map.
Ice dragon,but it will require you some practise like at which second it will throw ice and the aim should be exact +height will also maater if your team member is close to the other team
coldfang shell is value for credits you spent so i suggest you to buy coldfang.
You want to know why coldfang is better than alien read HARDSCOPEYOURMOM post.
i agree with all these other guys dude Coldfang is a way better option then alien shell. Smiley_ThumbsUp.
The ice dragon. The alien weapon is trash compared to the ice dragons weapon.
Thank You all for the replies Smiley_BigGrin
Maybe you should combine them and get enough credits to buy both of them.
@GM2 I don't really think that would work... cause alien costs like what around the hundred credit mark I think
And the dragons I THINK are 1000 credits...Smiley_Confused not sure. but in my opinion you would have to have LOTS of money in your bank account in order to buy THAT MANY credits to get BOTH of them I would think...
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