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A mode in which if you attack a friend, you and your friend both will get the damage so it would be a harder game as one miss shot will make you loose.
Isn't this the opposite of friendly fire, or am I just wrong there, lol, in either matter, no thanks, I don't want a noob ruining my games, though I'm mostly a party person now!
no way, 1 n00b/moron/etc could ruin team even more badly than currently.
Well how exactly will look this attack and how will work and why to attack a friend ? Is enough that if you hit you're team you damage yourself !
That means > Friendly fire is an attack by a military force on friendly forces while attempting to attack the enemy, either by misidentifying the target as hostile, or due to errors or inaccuracy.
Could make the whole game ruined, even the noobs shoot at themselves.
seen plenty of guests and n00bs who use (read waste) 1st shot to shoot teammate.
@egg666 there was this one time I was playing beo2 I had a guest on my team & ALL this person ever did was Hit at me making his health points go down & he kept hitting me EVERY SINGLE round until he hit me again the last time & died. I don't know what year that was or what account I had used when I experienced that DUMB player. But I wouldn't want this to happen again & im preetty sure guests would be NOOBS who liked to hit their own teamates & NOT the enemy
Just set games to positive rep only, then no guests!
but I thought pos reps still have guests in them... Smiley_Confused because aren't there guests with positive reps?? Smiley_Confused Omg Smiley_Shocked im confused Smiley_Shocked
@Laserbeam im confused like always bbro Smiley_XD.

Oh sorry.... Wow in all my years (I think 2) of playing beo2 you'd think I'd NOTICE these kinds of things : ') : ') : ') Lmfao
if a guest has pos rep, it is a fake guest, they have 0 and always will, and plus it does say no guests Smiley_XD

and you are always confused lol
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