Full Version: Forums on mobile Bad Eggs app
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I feel that adding the forums to the mobile Bad Eggs 2 app would increase the population and activity of the forums.
Good ideea but who know's how many people prefer mobile version more than web version ;D But I guess you are able to enter this forum too from you're mobile if you have a good phone !
Just want to bring in my opnion...

I don't agree as I can already get on the forums on my (iphone 6+) which runs on safari really well. To tell you the truth I am on my mobile right now!

Yeah an seprate app of the beo2 forums could be cool, as clicking smileys on mobile is preety difficult.

Good suggestion Smiley_ThumbsUp
Eww, an Iphone, I gotta leave RTM now, lololol jk. android all the way.(nexus6) Anyways, what I think he means is put a little banner right when the game starts that says come check out the bad eggs online 2 forums to stay up to date and everything on beo and all that.
You could either have a small badeggs mobile forum built into the app, or (the better option) have an ad that brings you to the website. The forum could always use some more activity from exposure.
First of all, you can be the forums in mobile also. If you want to have more people on the forum, spread the word. Go to games to spread and tell them to be in the forums.
Good idea. Supported. But I'm still waiting for BEO2 to be in the Microsoft store soon for phones.
I have no computer i do mobile a lot im prestige 5 lvl 99 and pro and stuff but it doesnt get updates all that fast we need party games on mobile
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