Full Version: Healing restriction
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Limit healthpotions and needles 1 per player or totally 1 usage per match per team. Getting ridiculous to see 1 player to use 3 healthpotions while trying to save his/her shell and/or team.
That is just more xp though, I love it when they panic.
Healing can save your life 10% of the times. The other 90% is just more xp for the enemy. Healing should not be restricted just because it annoyes you to shoot an enemy all over again because of his health potions/needles.
That isn't an issues that need to be fixed everyone like's the bonus heal potion ! I one im against you're ideea !
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I don't think this is a valid idea. I can see where you're coming from, but I don't think it's a good idea.
It's more exp for the winning team, anyway. Sure, it extends the game for a bit longer, but that shouldn't be a bad thing.
Hmm...I can't agree with you as its really you get free xp. And if ur talking about te=he time well then god hep us Smiley_Smile
if opponents are next to eachothers and match is 2 vs 1 at that point and good weapons like dfa are used so those 2 can heal eachothers while other shoots while lonely player fires grenades in hope that it lands next to/on top of them.

xp doesn't mean anything to me since i'm at lvl 99 nor as guest but as guest weapon selection is limited so its time consuming and futile if opponents got lucky on healthpotions (2-3 on each).
I'm 99 also, I just laugh and move on, I tell em it won't save them, yet they don't believe me.
Think of this as a war game. In a real battle, you'd have a field medic healing you while you kept him safe.

If you told an army that there are no more medics, then you'd have an army that wouldn't fight. Similarly, if you say "you can only heal this much", you've got a weapon without a reason for being there. You can't even say "you can only heal this much per person" for the same reasons.

It's much better to heal as much as possible and stand a fighting chance than to lose some battles. Not to mention that they're most useful when you're trapped in dirt.
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