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So we've been teasing a big update for the last few weeks. Well it's finally here. We think it's really cool and we hope you like it. So let us introduce a whole new way of playing Bad Eggs Online 2. These are Party Games, four entirely new free-for-all game modes! These modes are free and available to all players.

[Image: 2mwayw7.png]
Starting Health: 20
Number of Rounds: 10
Weapons: Normal load out (inc. weapon packs)
Highest number of kills over 10 rounds wins. Double kills come in very handy. Players respawn randomly after death.

[Image: 24b5lpl.png]
Starting Health: 30
Number of Rounds: 10
Weapons: Raspberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry
Walls: Bouncy
This is Berry Bad Eggs. Deathmatch with berry weapons only. Question is, do you go for the tricky gooseberry or let your opponents in for an easy mop up?

[Image: 16apkd1.png]
Starting Health: 20
Weapons: Grenade, Vortex Equaliser, Double Trouble, Sidewinder, Bow, Bring the Rain, Cluster Grenade, Gooseberry.
Get a kill with each weapon, in order, to advance to the next weapon. Double kills advance you 2 levels. Suicide sets you back a level. First to get a kill with a Gooseberry wins.

[Image: 2ugc39u.png]
Starting Health: 20
Number of Rounds: 10
Weapons: Splurge Launcher (5 points), Mortar (10 points), 1x Big Boom (10 points), 1x Grenade (15 points), 1x Bow (15 points), 1x Throwing Knife (30 points).
Each weapon is assigned a different points value. Get kills to get points and be the player with the most points after 10 rounds to win. With a finite supply of certain weapons, strategic use is crucial. And remember the last round is double points!

Party games are separate to Normal game modes. They have their own lobby and section in create game. In these games, you earn XP as usual but all other stats (eg. kills/deaths/wins/losses etc.) do not count towards your stats from normal play. These are party games - they are meant to be fun and different - and it doesn't matter if you die!

Right folks. Time for a party! Enjoy.Smiley_Party

I like all the modes, but Doomberries is totally my favorite. So much fun! Great job, Donkins. I've been waiting for a good update for a long time, and it's finally here. Keep up Smiley_Wink
LOl rocks!!!!!!
Ha I was Right the skull is a Deathmatch and the Bazzooka a trounament or a race !!!
Anyway everythinggg soo cool even the graphics look too GORGEOUS !!![Image: frsp2.png]
[Image: 6XdwSgI.png]

Wow very interesting new modes! (Y) Great job donkins,I'm trying the arms race but I'll try all of them later!
Wow great job donkins!
Thank you for great updates!
BUG! i was playing today and i couldnt chose wep i could only shot grenades.
(05-01-2015 08:19 PM)vakson Wrote: [ -> ]BUG! i was playing today and i couldnt chose wep i could only shot grenades.

Thanks for the report. Should be fixed already (you will need to get a new update) Smiley_Smile
I was just about to mention the same thing! Smiley_Tongue Too late!

I'm loving this update, particularly the Deathmatch game. Nice work!
LoooooooL you can even go below zero! [Image: Qsda6H3.png] Epic haahah
Thanks for all the kind comments everyone! We spent a lot of time on this update so it's great that you seem to be enjoying it.

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