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[Image: UKMablm.png]

What's up people. The Donkins have announced new stuff to be added to the game, and they posted it on Facebook. But, since I'm really bored, and they were obviously too lazy to make a BEO2 forum thread about it (just kidding ;D) I decided to show it to you guys who didn't like their Facebook page ( which you should, by the way ).
I'm guessing the first one is deathmatch, the third one is speedy missiles (shoots missiles at higher speed, or straight forward, idk) and the last one is probably reversed gravity. But those are just my guesses, let me know what you think about this in the comments below Smiley_Wink
Wow, looks nice. Biggest update in a while. Can't wait, looks fun. I think everyone is right so far but the 2nd one I just can't get either.
Oh yes, you think that soon? I sure hope so. Laser may be in college, but beo updates come first. huh, the website keeps dipping in and out and no update. Another attack?
The second one has each color of the berries, my guess is berry-only settings. Playing just with the gooseberry and raaberry sounds like fun to me. Really looking forward to this update!
Ah smashed, you may be right. A berry only match, sounds fun. Maybe random and you either get goose blue or rasp. so 40 40 or 28 lol.
Well the rasberry is usually the easiest one to pull of while the others can be quite challenging to pull off full damage (hence rolling gooseberry on the ground).

The last one makes me think of either small explosions or weapons bouncing of the ground, and the third looks like a mix of 10 sec, roulette, and skill shot.
Idk, I find the goose easier for me, if I got a flat shot. When the update drops, you wanna hit it with my smashed?
Who know's Deathmatch Tournament Smiley_BigGrin I waiting to see it ^^
(04-22-2015 01:18 AM)Happa Wrote: [ -> ]Who know's Deathmatch Tournament Smiley_BigGrin I waiting to see it ^^
You mean you're waiting for me to kick your butt in it?
Zuchies ur a gud boi 4 postin theez stuffs here for me. :3

I no yew did it only 4 me. and I no yew luv meh with all ur <3

ur so kawaii :3

Anyway. Yay. Glad to have a new update. Every time I see a new update it always makes me play again, for a little while anyways.

(I've been prestiege 5 level 0-70 for about 9 months)
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