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Final Farewell to FTF

I still remember the first day when I joined this clan. I joined this for free credits and I never thought I would have so much fun being a part of it nor I thought, I will meet friends like Kamo & Shadow. It really is an emotional moment for me to witness FTF falling apart sitting on my chair helplessly. I tried my best to pull it this, but it wasn’t enough. I’m taking full blame for this. Leaders were always supportive and despite of having power provided by leaders, I failed to keep up this clan alive. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart for letting down Leader, Members, Alliances and everyone related to this clan.

It was a hell of a journey and I would like to share few things which I intended to say on our 6th month completion. Well, it’s never too late to do that. I met different types of people, all very good, polite and smart here in BEO. As time passed by, I find this community as my second home. I would like to say thank you to some of the people among all the good one:

Kamo the noob: 1st friend here. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. Very support, polite, funny and always worried if I might fall into any trouble. When I get busy, he always checks me on my cell if I’m drunk dead somewhere. He is one of few internet friends I’d love to meet in real someday. I’m really very sorry for my outburst on you last night.

Shadow: Smart and funny person. I would have never been in this wonderful forum if he had not lured me into it. He is one of the creative people and a good friend here. His ideas supported FTF a lot.

Beedo, Gab, Vako, Dz, Keren, Menno: You guys are awesome! I had a wonderful time playing and chatting with you guys. Beedo & Keren are one of the most skilled people I’ve met in games. Beedo has always been polite and had lots of patience with my noob shots with gravity and wind. Love you darling <3 

Goldman/Nick/Goonday: You are a wonder kid. I became your fan the day I read your bio. Then, your diary which is super awesome. You have the purest of heart in here. Wish I was more like you. Pls do continue your diary. I love reading it. Good luck with your future.

Grim: I don’t know how many times I’ve mailed you to vent. You always have had patience to listen and reply. You are a good moderator. Wish you remain the same and keep on helping members like us.

Tenchi: We started on a wrong foot, but I’m glad to get to know him more. He is one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. He knows the answer to almost everything, yes EVERYTHING. I have always been an admirer of his posts and time here in BEO forum.

Vexis: Thank you for your valuable suggestions. It is much appreciated.

Dear Alliances: Best alliances one could ever have. Oneday, you are the sweetest. Hidden, you are the kindest. Thank you for aligning with us. We will never forget.

Thank you all the members who supported me through PMs of appreciation for what little I did, replying my posts, pointing out my flaws & every positive reps. It means a lot, more than you think. Being a part of FTF was a feeling I shall never forget. Thank you.

Thank you Rob for replying to my only mail sent to you within few hours. I can never forget that and thank you for wonderful experience which I gained by your forum.
Well that's an emotive post.

I'm sorry to know that you decided to finish with FTF, but there's one thing I want to say: Don't ever dare to fully blame yourself for that.
Sadly I don't know how FTF was lead, but one thing is for sure, a clan is not something that can be handled by only one person. I'm not trying to say ''it was everyone's fault'', what I'm actually trying to say is that a clan rises or sinks together, and nobody is to blame when it doesn't work.
I hope nothing changes between you and your friends, and I wish to all FTF former members the best in their future plans.

(04-21-2015 06:13 PM)Viper Wrote: [ -> ]Grim: I don’t know how many times I’ve mailed you to vent. You always have had patience to listen and reply. You are a good moderator. Wish you remain the same and keep on helping members like us.

Thank you for the kind words, and there's no reason for this to change, so feel free to keep in touch with me, for whatever you'd like to talk about.

Farewell to FTF and praise the good memories!
I was off for 2 days....
Can someone tell me what happend!?!?!
LOL Shadow,u still dont know to write my name ;D. It's Dzemila not Dzmelia...Smiley_XD
#YoloSwag says farewell to FTF by blowing a harmonious note 69 times in a row.

Joking, but anyway. Farewell to this clan. I'm surprised to see it go this quickly, especially since it had the right stuff to become a long standing successful clan.
i thought you gonna be one of the best was very glad to have strong alliance like i dont know the reason but you must had a very big reason to close FTFSmiley_Sad
i dont know what to say guys wanna thanks kami,viper,shadow,goldman, for everything ,for helping me with the thread,with wish now is i hope you guys bring it back i was talking to viper he said its possible to bring the thread and the clan back.Smiley_SadSmiley_SadSmiley_Sad
I hate to break our members' and alliances' heart. I really do, more than you guys can imagine. Can't really find any words. Can't make up any stories to tell. Don't want to give any false hopes. All I want to see now is, our members placed in good clans and our alliance doing better and achieve what we couldn't.

@Oneday, I have tried to explain how and why and come on, ftf is dead that doesn't mean your friends are too. Don't be so sad. We will be here. Your "undercover" alliance. And may be we will be back someday. By the way, gg we had today. Keep smiling as always Smiley_Smile
Hello Eggs of ftfians I have 8 days left to just reply your pms and some sort of thing that should be done out before going forward. I have things to do now, those are more important than anything else. I had some deadly night yesterday that destroys some of my hopes, but it was a good experience. I enjoyed all the things those we have done yet.

onedaylover no need to lose your strength and anything i will back, but not sure when soon or late but i will. Nothing will be changed if our thoughts are same and our strength be same. I did not share my some stuffs before leaving that was so big mistake. I have now only one thing to do which is important for to do before i leave. FTF disappears. We will rise soon as soon possible. I wanna huge thanks to viper he is the most a diamond for FTF his works and strength really make FTF on this position. I destroyed the whole thing in a single day, but this will be back. I have feelings of cry now. I have emotions that no one can imagine now.

All FTF members I promise you stay as you are now and i will be back to rise this clan again and you all with a lot of good things. We were not best, but we were a successful clan of this year. Difficulties came and gone, we never step back. I apologize for this. You will find me or not, but I will be where I should be. That is all.
Tht sad....i made lot friends on FTF and when andre baned i lost thew 70℅ and now FTF its ded now where to find the other?i hope FTF will have a huge come back!and when that will happen ill be here!
well if your going to close the clan I might have to join another one or going create one and do a good one. For right now Im just gonna cry right now. I WANT KAMI BACCCCK!
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