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First i wanna tell that is my irst ideas for shellsand guns and i was trying to imagine eggs here and my last 1 week..
And the 2th some wanted sports shells and sport pack

[b]Sport pack
Name:Tennis bombs
Imaginetion:They are tennis balls just the have. ''Clock'' to srr how many time they have for ''bam''Smiley_XD

Name:Basketball bazooka
Imaginetion:Like big-boom just its orenge and black ans inside it has a place for the balls(it shot with 3 balls not all toghether)

Name:Tennis ''pan''
Imaginetion:Its like pan but no...its a tennis racket(1 time stronger thn pan)

Name:golf nightmare
Imaginetion:Its a little golf ball and when you throw to other its doing 6 times ''bam''

Name:Bowlling rain
Imaginetion:Its like meteors just its ''rainning''huge bowlling balls

Sport shells

1)Name:olympin egg
Imaginetin:He is an egg with shorts and under his face 2 metals

Imaginetion:A bandana at his hair,short red pants with yellow and a T-shirt with no 65,yellow with red

3)Name:no yet
Imaginetion:no yet

Other shells comming soon!
really you copied my idea
How can you even think you can just get away by copying someone's idea. And you copied a thread that was like 1 day old.
Not cool man, it was Mike's idea. Maybe you can help him to fully design the idea, but don't try to steal the credit because we all saw Mike posting it first.
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