Full Version: sports weapon pack and eggs
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there should be a sports weapon pack and eggs, if you make it i request to test it out
Well how it will be those weapon sports and shells?
tennis balls like multi bouncer (less accurate but bit more damage or vice versa) or single ball like bouncer (same as before).

tennis racket like bazooka (same as above).

net would prevent player(s) to move (although there might be enuf of those kind of weaps).
Ill try to find i have some other shells but no lightshot ill say how they are
Becuase hvnt lightshot and no time to draw
what i was thinking was a baseball player egg a football player egg and a basketball player egg, all with red and white uniforms with number 16 on them and in the weapon pack a baseball which after 3 seconds explodes into 3 more baseballs that last another 3 seconds which takes 35 damage if hit perfectly, the tennis ball which is like a bouncer but takes 20 damage but is 2x more bouncy than the bouncer, then the basketball which is just like the big boom it takes 39 damage and takes twice as much terrain away as the big boom, then the football when thrown can hit the ground three times before exploding leaving off shards, like the panda and it takes 35 damage,then finally the golf ball which when thrown is like the death from above but intead brings down 10 golf balls that take 2 damage each hope this is passed through and once again i request to help test it out then enough credits for all the eggs and weapon pack
WOW Smiley_Shocked this is actually a VERY GOOD Idea and I Smiley_ThumbsUp Support it Smiley_ThumbsUp & I'll also vote Yes to it Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_Smile Smiley_Kiss

Smiley_Kiss Smiley_Dragon Regards GND co-leader of RTM Smiley_Dragon Smiley_Kiss
thank you GoldenNightmareDragon!
Does Anyone Else Have A Suggestion?
Mike see Pm btw goodluck
Seems like a cool idea. Maybe even instead of doing a weapon pack if the Donkins don't want to they could make like a baseball player shell and give him a bat as a weapon or something.
bat which shoots ball if long distance and if close distance then acts like a pan?
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