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I am currently looking for a clan. I am level 47 and have weapon pack 8 and 9. can anyone take me?
Hello Snap
I would like to invite you To RTM.
My name is John Connor I am recruiter of RTM

Currently we are recruiting strong players who are flexible and skilled at or willing to learn how to Play in multiple settings . Also we'd like to see that you have lvl 20 minimum and have at least 1 or 2 packs. The more Loyal will the faster we progress, and upgrading Yourself show us that you're willing to go that extra mile and we love to be surrounded by those who aren't afraid of a Challenge! the name of the RTM leader Is Hiddenkiller2301 I.G.N eggkiller2301

Feel Free to Comment if You Have any Questions!!!
Snap, I just got your pm and I played you in game before..If I remember you were really good. Anyway If you want to join just remind me your In game name was?
If you would like to join my clan, BOSS, that would be amazing. But it depends on what you like doing. My clan is more interested in teaching new players how to play, but we also hold tournaments if you would like to compete.
Hello Snap, I would LOVE IT if you would Consider Joining RTM. We are currently looking around for new memembers to join our clan. We are a fresh clan (very new) & we are still managing to get on our feet. I am the Co-Leader of RTM (as you can see by my signature down at the
bottom ☟☟☟) And I would be Honored if you would consider joining the RTM clan?? Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_Smile Smiley_Kiss.
Smiley_Dragon GND Co-Leader of RTM Smiley_Dragon.
You can always join M€D™. If you do remember to contact me first.
You can join AD if you wanna talk with me in PM or PM to crazyo(forum name,game name crazyo36
now I am level 53
(04-18-2015 09:12 PM)Sir.Zeus123 Wrote: [ -> ]You can join AD if you wanna talk with me in PM or PM to crazyo(forum name,game name crazyo36

LOL. Its ´crazyo.92`
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